We host regular storytelling, fĂȘtes, outings and other social activities in the target languages we teach to enhance the use of language. Look out for upcoming events on our social media pages.

We recommend that our students find books, music, films and videos to access to enhance language practice outside at home. This is important to broaden exposure to the target language. Look out for our newsletter for products we review as and when we become aware of. Click here to view past copies of our newsletter and to subscribe.

On request, we facilitate the engagement of language au pairs and train them to use the Rera curriculum to teach children at home.

We assist in setting up language exchanges. Language exchanges allow people who speak different languages to practice each others' languages. This is a great way of extending language learned in a classroom environment into the real world! For example, a Rera student learning isiZulu will have a language exchange with a fluent isiZulu speaker looking to improve their English. Partners in a language exchange programme spend half their time speaking in one language (e.g. isiZulu) and the other half in another language (e.g. English). We offer a service of setting up and structuring language exchanges.

We set up supervised play dates at Rera Language School's premises in your target language, outside of class times. This is a great way to keep up language learning and build friendships. We use games and activities that encourage children to continuously stay in the target language they are learning.

We recommend 5 or fewer children at a play date.

Here are tips if you want to set up language play dates yourself:

Our holiday programmes are additional opportunities to engage in the target language a child is learning. We offer fun engaging half-day or full-day programme that cover different themes. Our holiday programmes are full of music, dance, games and other activities that spark the imagination of children. We send information on holiday programmes in our newsletter and post these on our Facebook pages.

You can enrol your child for a day or the duration of the holiday programme.

Contact us to express interest in one or all the activities.