At Rera Language School, we teach African languages to both children and adults with the vision to

“Teach and Preserve the Languages of Africa”.

Our guiding mission is to encourage multilingualism by being the source for all things related to African languages that enhance social awareness and cultural enrichment through quality language instruction, products and services.

It is important to us to use a communicative approach to teach students as well as incorporate storytelling, music, games and craft for fun and to broaden cultural reference. This supports our students’ learning and improvement in African languages.

Take a step to learn or improve an African language today as a hobby, extramural, communication with family or just for fun. You will gain more than you may have bargained for!

Sign up for classes and experience our active classes that make Rera Language School unique in many ways:

Group Classes

Make new friends in our small group classes and learn to laugh in an African language. Our set age-appropriate curricula are filled with conversations, audio and texts that immerse you in language and culture and also allow you to practice the main language-building areas, with grammar added in when appropriate.

Family Classes

Learning a language together as a family is a favourite family activity! Lessons include child(ren) with one or both parents/caregivers. You and your child(ren) learn in a child-friendly learning style in your home or at our premises. We teach at the level of your child's ability to communicate. Follow our set curriculum or get a customised one to suit your family’s goals.

Private Classes

Take private classes at a location of your choice or on our premises as many times a week as you would like. Follow our set curricula or a curriculum customised to fit your needs to communicate with family and friends, pass a school language subject or just to have fun in an African language. Whatever your goals, we will help you achieve them!

Online Classes

Have the flexibility to learn an African language from anywhere in the world via Skype in group or private classes. Enrol yourself and/or children above 6 years. Times are adjusted for concentration levels of children and adults. Enjoy classes that are as interactive as they would be face-to-face!

Our universe

To complement classroom activities, we offer a variety of activities such as language exchanges/play dates and monthly storytelling in Sesotho, isiZulu and chiShona. Read more...